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Premium AirTag accessories, hidden in plain sight.

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Bicycle not where you left it?

You return to where you locked your bicycle only to find your lock has been cut and left in its place. This may be one of the worst feelings for a bike owner, realizing that your bike has gone and the chances of ever seeing it again are close to zero.

We at hiPs have created a handle bar bell and a light reflector to discreetly house the Apple AirTag allowing you to track and find your bike.

A bicycle is stolen every 30 seconds

Around 2 million bikes a year are reported stolen, totaling a whopping $350 million and that is only in the United States.

Unbelievably only 2.4% of stolen bikes are ever found and returned simply because it is not a high priority for the police, over the years more and more people have stopped reporting their bicycles stolen.

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Does that ring a bell..?

Meet the ultimate AirTag bike mount. A bell that doubles as the safest place to store your AirTag. Combining utility with clean yet robust design, you can rest assured this bell will stay mounted on your bicycle without attracting any unwanted attention. Oh, and it sounds great, too!

Time to (self) reflect..

A reflector that could save your life AND your bike? Count us in! Equipped with the same robust snap-fit mechanism and weatherproofing, you can use this reflector to mount your AirTag on your bicycle and simply forget about it... well, at least until its battery runs out, that is.

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Safe Locking Mechanism

Weatherproof Design

Universal Fit

Sound Proof Materials

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The What

Tracking technology should (sometimes) stay hidden, especially when it comes to placing it on your bicycle. We design and create accessories that do just that - allowing for your AirTags to stay hidden in plain sight [hips.]

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The Why

Around 2 million bicycle thefts are committed each year in the US alone. Estimates say only 1 in 5 bicycle thefts end up being reported. That's about a million reasons to try and put a dent in that statistic!

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The How

We have the design and supplier relationships ready to go, but we need your help to make this unique product come to life. Pledge your support to our crowdfunding campaign and be the first to score your very own hips. accessory (or two).


Glad you asked! Hips. accessories are currently only available as rewards on our crowdfunding campaign. Click here to secure yours!

Yes, well, most likely yes! We've designed our mounting system to fit most commercially available bar diameters for increased utility. On top of that, we provide additional rubber padding with every bell and reflector to double down on our efforts of making hips. a suitable accessory for every bike owner out there.

Well, somewhat. AirTags include NFC chips that are readable by Android NFC-capable phones. Though Android cannot be paired with AirTag, it can retrieve the owner’s details once the owner has put the AirTag in “Lost Mode.”

This would only occur if the potential thief takes the bike with the AirTag to their home location. Even if an AirTag is discovered, and a battery is taken out, you would still be provided with the AirTag's last known location.

No, hips. is not an authorized reseller of any Apple devices, and are not affiliated with Apple Inc. in any way, shape, or form. If you wish to purchase an Apple AirTag, please do so here.

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